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Winter Green Essential Oil (100% Pure & Natural)

Rs. 399

Description :

Experts call it ‘Nature’s Aspirin’ as it is exceptionally potent in treating arthritic and rheumatic pain for ages together. Ayurveda, the ancient natural science of healing calls this herb as Gandapura and it has been used in many spiritual ceremonies where this sacred plant was trusted to bring harmony between earth and its inhabitants through its healing powers.

Ingredients :

100% Pure Winter Green Essential Oil

Benefits :

Skin : Wintergreen essential oil acts as a protective shield against bacteria, viruses, fungi, microbes, and other harmful organisms. This makes it a good antiseptic and protects the skin from being septic in case of microbes prone open wounds, cuts, and other skin infections. Wintergreen essential oil is also effective in uplifting the skin, augmenting the skin tone and fighting against the symptoms of aging.

Mind : Wintergreen essential oil improves logical thinking and stimulates mental power. The strong aroma of Wintergreen essential oil improves attentiveness and stimulates the mind. Applying this oil to your skin is said to heighten the vibration of the body and accentuate the sound. Increased vibration helps in unveiling spiritual awareness and paves the way to the harmony of self and divinity.

Body : Wintergreen essential oil is used as a counter-irritant in treating pain, sores, muscular pains, lower back pain, achy joints and inflammation, where counterirritants act by creating an irritable sensation that lessens swelling and pain in the tissues. The analgesic, relaxant and anodyne properties of this oil cause numbness and warmth when applied to the painful area. It eliminates pain, reduces stress, drives away tension and induces good sleep by inhibiting the formation of prostaglandins responsible for causing pain. 

How to use :

Essential Oils can be blended into your homemade products such as perfume, pre-shave or aftershave for men, in cologne, candles, bath products, and more. They also work well with all kinds of diffusers for aromatherapy.

Manufacturers Name :

Adri Naturals LLP

Country of Origin :


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