Warli Shirts

Rs. 1,400

Description :

Tribal art is my favourite kind of art because it gives me a glimpse into my people and its past.

Our screen printed shirts reflect the free-spirited muses of our travels and facilitated adventure. We have explored Route 6 across California in a vintage RV, cycled down the ghats from the Nilgiris to Masanagudi, bird watching in Wayanad, learned more about the fascinating tribes across India like the Warli tribe to learning more about sacred Native American land in danger of being destroyed in the name of capitalism.
We took all these memories and created our first series of men's shirts in 100% luxe cotton as a fun narrative to our crazy journey.
Clearly we don't take ourselves too seriously. We believe you should have fun with what you wear. It is a beautiful expression on how you feel inside. Work hard, play harder! Stay groovy!



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