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Dried Goji Berries

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Description :

True Elements Dried Goji Berries are perfectly soft with little toothsome texture, delicious and nutritious, just as nature intended. Goji Berries are known for its unique flavour and health-boosting properties. It is a well-known historical medicinal plant, used in China. This superfood is often touted as a food which lets you live a long life, thanks to its amazing health properties which keeps your health intact. 

True Elements Dried Goji Berries are perfectly soft with little toothsome texture, delicious and nutritious, just as nature intended. They are both sweet & savoury. They have a mild tangy flavour with a tinge of sweetness. Usually consumed raw and dried, these berries are loaded with a wide range of phytonutrients, vitamins and trace minerals, adding a healthy advantage to the human body, thereby increasing the longevity of life.

Highlights :

  • Rich source of  fibre.
  • High in antioxidants.
  • Possesses anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Good source of vitamin A.
  • Contains minerals like Calcium.
  • Immunity Booster.

Product Features : 

Why you should have this

Live a longer-life with Antioxidant-rich Goji Berries


Dried Goji Berries

Shelf Life

12 Months

Health Benefits

Improves Skin Health, Improves Eye Health

Good Source Of

Vitamin A, Calcium

 How to use :

  • Goji Berry Chia Pudding - Add these berries to your chia pudding and make it healthier and tastier.
  • Goji Berry Tart - These delicious berries amplify the taste of your tart and offer you its health benefits.
  • Goji Berry Superfood Smoothie - Add goji berries to your smoothie recipe and have a pleasing smoothie experience.

Health Benefits :

  • Helps in Weight Management - The dietary fibre in goji berries keeps you full for longer durations and thus helps in weight management.
  • Protects Heart Health - These berries help regulate the blood lipid levels and prevent several chronic heart problems.
  • Immunity Booster - Along with Vitamin C, these are also rich in Antioxidants which helps in strengthening the immunity. 
  • Nourishes Skin - Goji berries are rich in minerals like magnesium, potassium and zinc which nurtures the skin health.

Storage Information :

  • Store in a sealed container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture to avoid risk of infestation.
  • Do not use if the pack is open or leaking.

Allergen Information :

Packed in facility that also handles Soy, Almonds, Tree-nuts and cereals containing Gluten.

Shelf Life :

12 Months 

Manufacture Name :

HW Wellness Solution PVT LTD

Country of Origin :


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