Honey & Spice

Tropical Blossom Honey

Rs. 250

Description :

With the nectar of all the tropical flowers from Mangoes to pomegranate, you can call this honey a concoction of tropical flowers. The honey is harvested by beekeepers in the dense tropical plantations and forests of Kerala. Coming from the hilly district of Idukki in Kerala, this honey is only available in limited quantities every year.

The species of bee that makes this honey is Apis Cerana Indica, a species of bees native to India. Honey harvesting is a profession that compliments the livelihood of many of Kerala’s farmers. We procure this honey at a higher rate from these farmers which makes their lives better. 

Taste Profile :

Intense fruity aroma with muted waxy undertones

Pair With :

Drizzle it over a bowl of tropical fruits to best experience this honey. Works great in a lemonade.

Shelf Life :

12 months

Manufactures Name :

Bonne Terre Foods PVT LTD

Country of Origin :


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