Nutty Yogi

Rose Petal Almonds 100G

Rs. 189

When rose petals rock to the beat of some freshly roasted almonds, the medley leaves a trail of happiness dancing on your palate. Made with the finest rose petals, this mouth freshener is high on dietary fibre and has no artificial colours. Toss a spoonful the next time your palate needs a small taste of heaven – you won’t be disappointed,

Almond, Sugar, Honey and Edible Rose Petal, Added Flavours- Natural, Natural Identical & Artificial flavouring Substances

Calories 576 Kcal Carbohydrate 22 gm Fat 49 gm Saturated Fat 3.7 gm Trans Fat 0 gm Protein 21 gm Dietary Fiber 12 gm Sugar 3.9 gm Cholesterol 0 gm;

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