Nutty Yogi

Rhododendron Chutney

Rs. 199

The all new nutty yogi's rhododendron concentrate is a cool refreshing crush made from rhododendron flowers that grow in the higher altitudes of himalayas. It provides an instant coolness to the stomach and also helps in reducing cholesterol. It is also an exceptional stimulant for many organs like the lungs, kidney and liver. It would work on uti tract also. A great natural and soothing drink to beat the summer.

Nutty Yogi brings you special Rhododendron Chutney made from the edible flower indigenous to the Himachal. A super healthy flower, its chutney is a traditional preparation made by mashing the petals with local spices. This is a rare preparation and made only in Himachal homes. As healthy as it gets, its flavours are really refreshing!

Calories 263 Kcal Carbohydrate 64.95 gm Fat 0.26 gm Protein 0.22 gm

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