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Rajamudi Rice

Rs. 285

Description :

Rajamudi rice, the favourite of the royals of Mysore. It is said that the royals were so fond of this flavourful and nutritious rice that they collected this rice in lieu of taxes from their subjects who couldn't afford to pay taxes. The unpolished Rajamudi rice is a mix of red and brown rice and is rich in dietary fibre and zinc. Above all the rich flavour of this bag of rice will blow your mind.

Nutritional Facts Food/Health products :

Nutrients Per 100g Energy = 345Kcal Fat = 1.98g Protein = 684g Carbohydrate = 78.99g Dietarty Fibre = 1g

Shelf life :

12 months


Manufacturers Name :

Hallikar Foods 

Country of Origin :


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