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Hello Aloe Gentle Cleansing Lotion

Rs. 390

Description :

Here’s the recipe for a gentle, skin-loving cleanse – start with a dash of aloe juice, a drizzle of this mild skin cleansing lotion, a seasoning of natural oils, and garnish with a pleasant fragrance. Serve twice a day for consistently happy, hydrated skin!

I am a non-drying cleansing lotion with a soft texture. I have a very mild, pleasant fragrance that won’t feel overpowering. I contain soothing aloe juices that calmly cleanse your skin. I am a 100% vegan – good for the planet, and the best cleansing lotion for you. Hey, don't throw me away! I'm recyclable! Cleanse the gentle way.

Best Suited For : 

Normal | Dry | Sensitive | Combination skin

Not Recommended for : 

Oily | Acne-prone Skin

Reasons to Love :

Gently eases out makeup and grime, Provides a simple, sensible cleanse
No chemical cocktails, Has aloe juice and mild cleansing complex made from natural oils, 100% vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free, as always.

Goodness Inside :

Aloe vera juice : We so love this ingredient that we created an entire range out of it. A fun fact about aloe - the Greeks used aloe vera as a cure for baldness (whether it actually worked is not documented, though)

Sunflower seed oil : Good enough to eat and rich in vitamin e, sunflower seed oil dissolves away oily grime, makeup and impurities without stripping away essential lipids from your skin.

How to use :

Pump out a few drops onto soft cotton wool and gently wipe down face and neck. Follow up with a toner and/or moisturizer.

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