Plum Goodness

Green Tea Gentle Revival Face Scrub

Rs. 395

Description :

Take Five & Revive

Don't you wish you could find the best face scrub that can effectively cleanse your pores without aggravating your acne? Well, consider this Green Scrub your genie in a bottle (literally)! With it's soft cellulose beads and walnut shell granules, you can say hello to clean, oil-free skin! With a gel-cream based texture and green tea base, this scrub is your step closer to acne-free skin.

Best Suited For :

 Oily | Acne-prone | Combination Skin

Not Recommended for :

Severe | Cystic Acne

I am a sulphate-free, water-based face scrub for oily skin that provides gentle yet effective exfoliation
I have walnut shell granules and soft cellulose beads for clean skin and a cleaner planet
I am full of antioxidant green tea extracts that combat acne
I am 100% vegan – good for the planet, and the best face scrub for you
Hey, don’t throw me away! I’m recyclable

Reasons to Love :

Water-based formula with a gel-cream texture that creates mild lather
Green tea to promote healthy, acne-free skin
Licorice extracts for even and brighter looking skin
Soft cellulose beads and walnut shell granules for skin cell renewal, and keeping the planet clean. (they're biodegradable!)
Non-comedogenic formula
Aloe and hibiscus extracts for soft, hydrated skin. No sulphates, parabens and animal-derived ingredients

How to use:

Wet your face with warm water. Take a coin-sized amount of the tea scrub on your palm, and gently massage onto your skin for two to three minutes. Wash off and pat-dry with a towel. Follow with a toner & moisturizer.

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