Plum Goodness

Vanilla Vibes Body Mist

Rs. 525


Vanilla cupcake, on demand!

Get yourself feelin’ fuzzy & warm with this divine vanilla vibes body mist which gets you smellin’ super yummy and sweet with a single spritz!

Get ready to fall in love :

The aloe-infused formula gets you smellin’ sweet & warm like a tempting creamy vanilla cupcake, whenever you’d like!
Adorable, purse-friendly packaging, take it everywhere you go!
Free of nasties: sulphates, parabens, phthalates, silicones & animal-derived ingredients
Cruelty-free & judgement-free… always!
Some SustainabilityLovin’
 Fragrance lasts for two to three hours
 Nasties free

Best Suited For:

All skin types

Plum BodyLovin'

Fat. Slim. Tall. Short. Dark. Fair. Labels! They don't matter. You do. Love that body. Every inch. Get BodyLovin'
Presenting, all-new bath & body plums to get you feelin' all sorts of happy! Plum BodyLovin' urges women to unabashedly love & celebrate their unique bodie and have fun while they're at it! Summary? Love. Every. Inch. :)

Vanilla Vibes Body Mist
Warm vanilla vibes for you!
Lasts for 2-3 hours
Cute, travel-friendly packaging!
Gets you feelin’ yummy in a spritz!

Fragrance: Warm, rich & mouth-watering vanilla that’s irresistibly sweet!

How to use:

Spritz some on your neck & pulse points.

Manufacturers Name :

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