Plum Goodness

Tropical Tango Shower Gel

Rs. 323 Rs. 380

Description :

You can't not do the tango when you get a burst of cantaloupes & watermelons in this sulphate-free blend of all things tropical. Ready to be a melonnaire? :)

Best Suited For : 

All skin types

Plum BodyLovin'

Fat. Slim. Tall. Short. Dark. Fair. Labels! They don't matter. You do. Love that body. Every inch. Get BodyLovin'
Presenting, all-new bath & body plums to get you feelin' all sorts of happy! Plum BodyLovin' urges women to unabashedly love & celebrate their unique bodies and have fun while they're at it! Summary? Love. Every. Inch. :)

Plum BodyLovin’ Tropical Tango Shower Gel
Sulfate-free, soap-free, super-cleanser!
Non-drying, gentle cleansing formula
Fruity, fresh & bold - A fragrance that’ll wake you right up!

Get ready to fall in love :

The sulfate-free & soap-free formula cleanses gently but effectively
A fragrance so heavenly, you’ll have to remind yourself the product isn’t edible!
Leaves skin feeling nourished, moisturised & adored!
Olive oil moisturizes & repairs skin while the lychee extracts soothe away!
Vitamin C rich watermelon extract exfoliates from deep within for brighter skin!
Cute locking clip makes the bottle leak-proof & travel-friendly
Free of nasties: sulphates, parabens, phthalates, silicones & animal-derived ingredients
Cruelty-free & judgement-free… always!

Some SustainabilityLovin’

Send your BodyLovin’ empties back to us for recycling - for FREE! even better: for every empty you send, you earn ₹50 in shopping credits on Learn more
Contains oodles of sustainably & ethically sourced acai (say ah-sigh-EE) fruit extract for instant skin revitalization. Originating from the Amazon Rainforest, it provides some much needed lovin’ across all levels of the supply chain!
Why plumsters it...

Cleanses skin

Energizes skin

How to use:

Lather up under a hot or cold shower. Unleash an energizing fragrant explosion that will keep you coming back for more. Use a loofah for added benefits!

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