Pikler Triangle - Coloured

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Simple Climber Pikler triangle is a simple climbing structure that helps children with gross motor development, spatial awareness and creative play. This triangle can be used in multiple ways in three different angles, height and width. This is a sturdy toy made out of Imported Pine wood. The pikler triangle was invented by Dr. Emmi Pikler. From a crawling child of 8M old to 5Yrs this is an interesting and resourceful developmental equipment. Pikler triangle has many purposes • Helps the child with motor and muscle development. • For a child who is striving to explore his potential this simple toy is the best aid. • Promotes natural Gross motor development, that is the children develop their gross motor skills at their own pace. • This toy helps them understand spatial awareness. • It is fun Pikler can be used in multiple ways • For an infant (0M-6M) these triangles can be used to hang fun elements and can be used as a floor gym. • For a child who is trying to stand can pull themselves up with the help of the bars in the triangle • Slowly the child learns to climb and slide the ramp as an climbing aid too • Older children can build fort and their imagination runs wild It can be easily folded and stored. wipe with a damp cloth to clean when required.


8 + months

Material used


Clean and care instruction

1.Clean with a damp Cloth Clean the toy regularly with a damp cloth. 2.Avoid washing with water Refrain from soaking wooden toys in water as they may swell or deform. 3.Keep away from humidity To avoid mould, please store wooden toys in a dry place free of humidity. If the toy is exposed to humidity, air it out in a dry place. 4.Avoid exposure to sunlight Do not expose wooden parts to direct sun light as cracks may occur. 5.Do not apply chemicals Do not use ethanol, bleach or other harsh chemical products when cleaning as it may lead to colour fading.

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