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Neem Oil, Cold Pressed (100% Pure and Natural)

Rs. 540 Rs. 600

Description :

Adri's Neem Oil is extracted from Neem seeds, which is considered as a gift of mother nature to mankind. Neem Oil is naturally occurring insecticide, well known to help in controlling bed bugs adults, dandruff nymphs and its eggs. Not only this, it is a home remedy for acne.

Ingredients :

100% Pure Cold Pressed Neem Oil

Benefits :

Neem oil contains the active ingredient Nimbin, that can help suppress inflammation, which may make it useful in treating dermatitis, psoriasis, or other scalp irritation. Neem is also a known antifungal. In some cases, dandruff and irritation can result from yeast buildup on the scalp. Neem Oil is also beneficial is treating Lice problem, this is due to the oils azadirachtin content. Azadirachtin can make it difficult for insects to grow and lay eggs.

How to use :

Our Pure Neem Oil can be mixed with any of the Hair Oil that you prefer using (for best results use Adri Handcrafted Hair Oil) and is to be applied as per the requirement.

Manufacturers Name :

Adri Naturals LLP

Country of Origin :


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