Adri Naturals

Natural Body Oil - Pain Control

Rs. 650

Description :

Adri Naturals' pain control body oil specifically targets an important aspect of pain management, that of muscular pain, joint pain, back pain or any pain due to injury. Our Body Oil is an oil blend that can be used safely on any type of skin. This oil is prepared with its base as cold-pressed sesame oil and cold-pressed walnut oil blended with 12 essential oils, 7 carrier oils and extract made of 5 different herbs.

Ingredients :

7 Carrier Oils, 12 Essential Oils and an extract of 5 different Herbs (For Details kindly refer to the label).

Benefits :

Adri Naturals Pain Control Oil helps in controlling and reducing any and all kinds of body pain when used regularly.

How to use :

Apply a few drops of oil on the problem area where pain exists. Massage it gently and cover/wrap up with a warm piece of cloth.

Manufacturers Name :

Adri Naturals LLP

Country of Origin :


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