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Moringa Rice Mix Powder

Rs. 249

Description :

How do we not relish a mix when it takes our daily meal a notch higher with it’s lip smacking taste and makes rice taste even better? Introducing our specially handcrafted Moringa Rice Mix that is a seamless blend of spice & nice as a quintessential accompaniment to a bowl of rice. Not only does it alleviate the taste of rice but also gives you the needful goodness of our star ingredient - Moringa

Ingredients :

Moringa powder, Channa dal, Chilly, Salt, Asafoetida, Curry leaves, Mustard.

Usage :

Rice mix can be mixed with ghee and served along with rice to make it even more enjoyable.

FAQ's :

1) Can I take Moringa Rice mix regularly?
Yes, you can take it regularly.

2) Benefits of Moringa rice mix?
It is the easiest way of adding Moringa goodness to your daily routine.

3) How does it differ from Moringa powder?
The nutritional level between the two may vary, but this can be taken directly with ghee/oil, unlike plain Moringa powder.

4) Can kids have it?
Yes, kids above the age of 1 can have moringa rice mix as part of the daily food routine.

Benefits :

  • Renders good amount of Vitamin C to the body which helps in good skin

  • The natural spices keep the digestive system strong and healthy

  • Amino acids & protein aids in healthy hair growth and reduces hair fall

Manufacturers Name :

DPR Moringa

Country of Origin :


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