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Lemon Essential Oil (100% Pure & Natural)

Rs. 450

Description :

Lemon Essential Oil is known to ease stress, fight fatigue and insomnia, and address conditions such as acne, athlete's foot, warts, depression, and varicose veins. It is also said to stimulate the immune system, alleviate pain and promote weight loss.

Ingredients :

100% Pure Lemon Essential Oil

Benefits :

Lemon Essential oil is an excellent remedy for treating skin problems like acne, rough skin, dull skin, oily skin, wounds, pigmentation, cold sores, cellulite, warts, varicose veins, and suntan. It helps in removing excess oil, eliminate impurities in the skin and clears acne on regular use. In aromatherapy, the citrusy, fresh, energizing and enlivening aroma of Lemon essential oil spreads positive energy, calms the mind, grants mental clarity, treats anxiety, fatigue, nervous tension, dizziness, improves concentration, instills hopefulness and assists in weight loss.

How to use :

Essential Oils can be blended into your homemade products such as perfume, pre-shave or aftershave for men, in cologne, candles, bath products, and more. They also work well with all kinds of diffusers for aromatherapy.

Manufacturers Name :

Adri Naturals LLP

Country of Origin :


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