Travel Cutlery Kit

Rs. 632

Description :

Make bringing your own a habit. Be ready to grab a bite with our bamboo cutlery. Switch to the benefits of biodegradable products no need for plastic spoon and fork on the go. Its time for bamboo. Travel anywhere and everywhere with our spoon and fork. Spork is a modern take on the traditional spoons and fork. Born from nature, goes back to nature. Which one will you choose – single-use plastic straws or eco-friendly bamboo straws? Bamboo straws are made from bamboo branches, are re-usable and are excellent alternative to single-use disposable polluting plastic straws, the straw is handmade by artisans. It may seem like a small change but stats show that we all could make a big difference.

Features :

1. Attractive looking 100% natural bamboo cutlery – heat, stain, and odor resistant.
2. Completely biodegradable under natural conditions.
3. Hand wash after use and keep in a dry place for a longer life of this bamboo product.
4. 100% natural bamboo product, no chemical treatment.
5. Not recommended for Microwave and Dishwasher.
6. Lightweight and durable.
7. The “KSAMAH” stamp (ethically sourced & a complete earth-friendly brand).

Kit Contains :

1. Spoon - 2
2. Spork - 2
3. Bamboo straw & washer - 2

Care Instructions :

1. If left unwashed and wet after use, there may be fungal and bacteria growth.
2. For reuse dry after use in shade.
3. Avoid Prolonged soaking.
4. Our wired brushes can easily clean the inside of the straws.
5. After a certain usage, do change and order new ones.

Manufacturers Name :

Confluence Solutions

Country of Origin :


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