Ecological Bamboo Gym Towel & Hand towel

Rs. 615

Description :

Enhance your daily routine experience with our 100% Natural KSAMAH bamboo towel. KSAMAH bamboo towel is your perfect travel companion. Our towels give you a clean conscience. Switch to Bamboo today!

Why Bamboo? The fibers made out of Bamboo have numerous performance and ecological advantages as compared to others. Bamboo is preferred plant when working towards the green future as it releases 38% oxygen in the air and is fastest growing plant in the world today.

Features :

1. Premium staple bamboo towel gives ultimate rich & soft feel.
2. Completely natural and eco –friendly fabric.
3. Bamboo towels absorb and evaporate moisture quicker for faster reuse.
4. Stay safe from allergies and UV radiation.
5. Naturally anti-bacterial .
6. Odour Resistant .
7. Zero Pesticides, No Fertilizers .
8. 60 % Bamboo + 40 % cotton.

Care Instructions :

1. It does not wrinkle and is machine washable in cool water.
2. Fabric softeners are not needed or recommended.
3. Tumble dry on medium heat to prevent your towels from snagging.
4. We recommend that you wash your towels before use to reach full absorbency.

Sizes :

1. Gym size towel = 43 x 75 cms.
2. Hand Towel = 33 x 33 cms.

Manufacturers Name :

Confluence Solutions

Country of Origin :


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