Nutty Yogi

Khatti Meethi Aam Ki Chutney

Rs. 129

Aam ki chutney is essentially pickle type chutney made by cooking raw green mango pieces with special indian spices and sugar. The spices give it a nice aroma while chili powder and sugar gives its hot and sweet character. Made in the traditional banarasi style, nutty yogi's mango chutney is as good as it gets.

Raw Mango, Cold Pressed Mustard oil, Sauf, Mustard, Cumin,Degimirch, Whole Red Chilli,Tamarind, Jaggery, Sugar,Salt

Calories 216.1Kcal Carbohydrate 2.80 gm Fat 22.5 gm Protein 0.60 gm Sodium 1210 mg Potassium 220mg

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