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Jamun Honey

Rs. 295

This dark coloured honey contains the nectar of jamun flowers which gives it the unique sweet bitter taste. Considered to be good for diabetics, this jar of jamun honey will surprise your taste buds and will make you healthy at the same time.
The benefits of jamun honey goes endless. Jamun fruit cures diabetes symptoms & complications, so the nectar which is from the jamun blossoms posses these properties. This honey works as a natural blood purifier, cures digestive disorders. Great for eye and skin health.
Colour: Dark Amber
Taste/Flavour profile: Fruity and Fresh
Consistency: Thinner
Floral Source: Unifloral (Jamun)
Other Information:
Species of Bees: Apis Mellifera
Location: Parts of Uttar Pradesh


For a Serving Size - 100gms, Carbohydrates - 79.84gm, Protein - 1.10gm, Energy - 3.20kcal, Fat - 0

Shelf Life

12 months





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