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Intimate FireFly

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Description :

All Natural | Ayurvedic (AYUSH Certified) | Plant Based | Chemical Free - Stimulant for Women.
Creates instant arousal | Helps maintain it upto 30 minutes | Key ingredient Agnishikha (Flame Lily) helps enhance circulation and desire.
Improves Lubrication | Effective for Vaginal Dryness | Dudhi Seed Oil (Field Pumpkin Seed Oil) enhances lubrication and prevents laxity.
Tightens the Vagina | Maintains the PH Balance of the Vagina | Hemp seed oil promotes lubrication, reduces inflammation and supports repair process.
Natural Mild Strawberry Flavour | No Artificial Fragrance | Glass Bottle | The product does not contain paraben or any other artificial preservative.

User Benefits :

1. Creates instant arousal.
2. Eliminates dryness
3. Improves lubrication
4. Extends the timeframe of arousal
5. Tightens the vagina
6. Maintains the pH balance of the Vagina

User Instructions :

Take firefly on your fingertip, gently massage it on to your clitoris and surrounding areas. Wait for a while and see the magic it creates.

Safety Precaution :
Do not use inside your genital area

Ingredients :
Agnishikha (Flame Lily) helps enhance circulation and desire

Skin Type :
Combination Skin

Shelf Life :
3 years

Country of Origin :

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