Home Care Kit

Rs. 895

Description : 

Running out of your natural and safe cleaning supplies should never be an excuse to use harsh cleaning agents again. 

Ingredients :

  • Common to all: Purified water, Ecocert plant based surfactant, soap nut extract, Essential oils, Ecocert Preservative 
  • Specific to few: Sea salt, Vinegar, Plant based Gum, Sultain
  • None of the products in the kit contain: Toxic VOCs, Ethoxylates, Dyes, Bleach, Chlorine, Petroleum Solvents, Silicones, Whiteners, Fragrances, Colours, Alcohol 

How to use :
Use the products just like the way you would use your regular home cleaning products. You can follow instructions on the label of each product. For end-of-life package handling, please reuse yourself or send the packaging back to us for reuse, recycle or composting. Please see the Membership page to enrol and for details.

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