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Herbal Toilet Disinfectant & Cleaner - Just Mop

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Description :

The eco-friendly way to clean your toilet. It helps to work against Calcification and hard water stains and deodorizes your toilets. The Earth friendly formula is biodegradable and made from Coconut based surfactants and aromatic oil extracts and plant derived cleaning agents.

Ingredients :

Herbal Toilet cleaner is made from the below Ingredients : Lemon oil – 4%, Coconut Betaine – 6%, Soap Nut Extract – 15%, Emulsifiers – 2%, Exipients – QS,

How to Use :

The Herbal Toilet Cleaner can be squirted into the toilet bowel and underneath the rim. After lathering by using a scrub, wait for about 5 to 10 minutes. After this the toilet can be flushed, and the process repeated if necessary . This acid-free product is biodegradable. A Perfect cleaner for Western and Indian Toilets

Precaution :

  • Should not be mixed with any other household disinfectants or acid or any other cleaner.
  • Avoid direct contact with cuts, eyes, and also wounds.
  • Keep children away from the product.
  • For external use only.

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