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Organic Pink Lentil Whole With Skin (Sabut Masoor)

Rs. 105

Organically grown and hygienically packed…. Our Organic Pulses are pure, nutritious and healthy. Certified Organic| Chemical Free | Pesticide Free | Non GMO|Same Year Crop| Handpicked | Ethically Sourced.


Masoor is one of the most commonly used lentils in India. Sabut means whole, and the brownish skin is retained in this variety of Organic Masoor.

Health Benefits

A delicious and wholesome lentil,Sabut Masoor is rich in protein and fibre.Loaded with dietary fibre and iron,½ a cup of Sabut Masur can take care of 25% of your daily fibre needs and 35% of your daily iron requirement. It nourishes the bones, teeth and even helps in maintaining a healthy vision.


Organic Sabut Masoor

How to use:

An essential part of Indian dishes, it is quite filling and has an earthy appeal to it. Sabut Masoor dal can be pressure cooked to perfection. It can be made in gravy form along with some onions, tomatoes, ginger garlic and spices. These rich brown coloured lentils have a smooth texture and goes well with roti, paratha or rice too.Whole masoor makes a good addition to make indian salads healthier.

Shelf life

12 months

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