Green Sense Organic

Extra Virgin Organic Coconut oil

Rs. 960

Description :

Made from the goodness of the highest quality fresh coconuts, Extra Virgin Organic Coconut oil by Green Sense is a powerhouse of well-being and epitome of goodness.It is attained by fresh meat of mature coconut and not the dried coconuts.We extract our oils by using traditional cold pressing methods without adding any additional chemicals or harmful solvents.


Certified Organic | Chemical Free | Solvent Free | Cold Pressed | Raw | Unrefined | 100% Pure

Health Benefits :

A natural superfood, coconuts are full of many minerals and nutrients.Our coconut oil is well endowed with healthy saturated fats which works wonders for your heart, skin, hair and dental hygiene. When you consume these kinds of fats they go straight to the liver, where they turn into a quick source of energy.

Ingredients :

Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

How to use :

A valuable oil, it is suitable for roasting, baking and even frying. So just ditch those fancy extraneous oils and cook your food in this earthy wholesome oil.

Shelf life :

12 months

Manufacture Name :

Agronic Foods PVT LTD 

Country of Origin :


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