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Gluten Free Every Day Nutri Atta

Rs. 75

Description :

Jowar, Amaranth Rotis – might sound very exotic to those who don’t know their food. But we at Nutty Yogi have managed to bring these two superfoods together, binding it with Gond, a naturally occurring resin with restorative and regenerative superpowers. With this, we have successfully created a Nutritive Gluten Free Atta. An Atta, made not by just stripping any random grains but by mixing the ones that actually matter. For the soft home cooked puffed phulkas - the ideal gluten- free flour variant.

Key Health Benefits

  • Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals
  • Packed with fibre
  • Calcium- Rich
  • Good for Bone Health
  • Easy to digest and helps in constipation
  • Controls Cholesterol
  • Rich in Vitamin B
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Light flour

Usage :

Use it exactly like you would use Atta to make phulkas or for puri’s and watch the difference for yourself. For soft and fluffy phulkas!!!

Storage :

Store in cool and dry place.

Ingredients :

Sorghum, Amaranth, Potato flakes, Corn Starch, Gum, Ajwain

Nutri Info :

Nutritional Analysis ( as per 100 gm )

Calories 353.82 Kcal
Carbohydrate 78.48 gm
Fat 1.98 gm
Protein 5.52 gm

Manufactures Name :

Nirvaanic Life Foods PVT LTD

Country of Origin :


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