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French Green Clay & Tea Tree Oil Natural Glycerin Soap

Rs. 315

Description :

Handmade and hand-packed, this soap is crafted with the right balance of French green clay and tea tree oil, combined with natural glycerin. Free of synthetic additives, added fragrances or chemical foaming agents, it provides 100% natural goodness and care to skin.

With its cleansing and regenerative properties, French green clay draws impurities from the skin, lends it a youthful vitality. Rich with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, tea tree oil helps fight skin damage caused by pollutants and stress. Meanwhile, natural glycerin enhances elasticity and suppleness of skin. Daily use for baths can help heal, rejuvenate and sustain radiant skin.

Made with 100% natural French green clay, tea tree oil and gylcerin
It is free of synthetics and additives like colorants, fragrances, parabens and harsh chemicals
Free of synthetic lathering agents, the soap creates a gentle lather
Free from silicones, ethoxylates, petrolatum, phthalates, MEA, DEA, TEA, mineral oils, sulphates, phosphates
It is carefully handcrafted with natural processes
Packed in eco-friendly recyclable paper

Ingredients :

Saponified pure natural glycerine,French Green clay,Tea tree essential oil, Aqua, giovanni natural fragrance.

Benefits :

French Green Clay and Tea Tree Oil Natural Glycerin Soap

How to use:

Rub the natural soap bar between wet hands to create a gentle lather. Gently massage lather on skin. Rinse.

Food/Non Food


Storage Instruction

keep it in a cool & dry place.

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