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Description :

Sensory mats are so great for children’s learning and very beneficial for their development.
Children are usually very attracted to sensory surfaces which stimulate their senses with different textures and colors.
They make the child’s playtime fun and exciting. These are great for baby and toddler room set up.
This mat will help form child's idea of external properties of the surrounding items,
as the child figures out the world, mainly through tactile sensations Ans visual perceptions.

Age :

4 months above.

Advantage :

  • stimulate senses
  • children LOVE them
  • benefit brain development
  • have calming effect
  • beneficial for their general well-being
  • great for children with sensory processing issues
  • easy to store
  • great for exploring different textures

Materials :

  • Plastic Mats/ Reversible Sequins Fabric/ Different Fabrics/ Poly Fiber

Age :

  • Newborn/ Infants

Content :

This mat included 6 sensory textures ranging from soft to fuzzy, smooth to rough, bumpy, scaly and an empty detachable pocket to fill with a sensory material of your choice. Each sensory mat measures 8 X 8 inches in size. When playtime is over it rolls to a small size for easy storage .

Wash care :

To be Hand washed with cold water. Use liquid detergent to remove stains if any. Do not wring. Dry in Shade.

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Country of Origin :


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