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Copper Tongue Cleaner – Pack Of 4

Rs. 500 Rs. 625

Description :

Is cleaning your tongue a part of your oral hygiene? If not, let us tell you a bit about the perks of using a Tongue Cleaner

  • Removes bacteria as debris and bacteria forms on your tongue overtime which can mess up your oral hygiene.
  • With bacteria’s out of the way, tongue gets a better SENSE OF TASTE.
  • Reduces bad breath.
  • Promotes overall oral & digestive health.

So here’s the tool to get you started with taking better oral care, the Copper Tongue Cleaner.

Kit Contains :

Copper Tongue Cleaner - 4

Material :

100% Copper

Care :

Wash it with warm water, dry and store it in dry area.

Disposal :


Packaging :

We ensure that all our packaging is eco-friendly.

Country of Origin :


Manufactured by :

Almitra Tattva

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