Big Blue Marble

Coconot Scrubs - Pack of 5

Rs. 254.15 Rs. 299

Description :

An eco-friendly alternative to plastic scrubs, the coconut dish washing scrubs are a sustainable and safe option to keep your dishes squeaky clean. Plastic scrubs end up in the ocean after use, making it a hazard for all life forms. Coconut Scrubs are nature's alternative to plastic scrubs. Made from 100% organic coconut fiber, these scrub pads clean utensils and surfaces leaving them squeaky clean and the planet safer for tomorrow. Hand stitched washing scrubs made from ethically sourced coconut fiber for high performance

  • 4*3 inch build to cover more area without hurting the hands
  • Made from natural coconut fibers and features antibacterial properties
  • Leaves utensils and surfaces squeaky clean with its effective cleaning action
  • Dries quickly thereby avoiding foul smell and drips
  • Cleans even the toughest of stains with minimal effort
  • Sustainable alternative to plastic scrubs

Storage and Recycling :

Use the Bigbluemarble Coconut Scrub Pad with a cleaning agent of choice. When done cleaning, store the scrub in a clean and dry place. 

How to dispose of your Coconut Scrub Pad? 

Bigbluemarble’s Coconut Scrub pads are naturally compostable. 

Manufacturers name :

Bigbluemarble india

Country of Origin :


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