Captain Zack

The Essential Hygiene Box

Rs. 2,250

Description :

A must-have for your pet’s holistic regime is Captain Zack’s Essential Box! This hygiene box is a safe solution for every problem your pet may have. Conditioning, Detangling, Itching, Ticks & flea, Rough paws, Soothing and Odour, we have got your pet covered! Make their grooming a fun experience with our toy and towel for FREE.
Safe for all breeds of dog, puppies, cats and kittens

Highlights :

  • Conditioning and Nourishing
  • Repels ticks and fleas
  • Soothes itchy dry skin
  • Moisturizes
  • Fresh and fragrant
  • Smoothens dry, cracked paws

Contents of the box :

1. Shea Pleasure Sniffing You 200ml

Shea Pleasure Sniffing You conditioning shampoo is carefully packed with natural botanical actives of Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, and Oatmeal which prevents irritation of itchy and dry skin

2. Bling On The Shine 250ml

Bling On The Shine is made with some of nature’s finest ingredients for your peace of mind and a happy pet. This water less shampoo offers stress and mess-free way to keep your pet clean and smelling fresh between baths. Dry Shampoo - Detangles the coat, makes the fur super smooth, for hydrophobic pets, noiseless spray

3. TazSoothe Itch Relief Shampoo 50ml

TazSoothe -  Itch Relief Shampoo soothes inflammed skin and is formulated to control itching in dogs. TazSoothe is an evidence-based Topical Anti-Inflammatory for dogs. It effectively relieves itching and soothes skin inflammation.

4. Pawsitively Smooth 25g

Captain Zack Pawsitively Smooth is a worry-free solution to protect your lovely pooch’s paws and elbows from cracking and chapping. Enriched with Lemongrass Oil, it keeps ticks & fleas at bay.

5. Scentsationally Yours - Jasmine  100ml

Scent’sationally Yours Cologne Spray will make your pets smell as great as they look. Infused with Jasmine Essential Oil, it is nourishing and instantly helps control odour. Better yet, it is really gentle and alcohol-free to prevent skin irritation. Simply spray it on and your dog is ready to be super social!

6. TazSoothe Itch Relief Spray Spray 50ml

TazSoothe - Itch Relief Spray provides round-the-clock control of itching with its daily use formula. TazSoothe is an evidence-based Topical Anti-Inflammatory for Dogs. It effectively relieves itching and soothes skin inflammation.

7. IRradicate Tick Repellent Oil Spray 50ml

IRradicate Tick Repellent Oil Spray is a flagship innovation, masterfully created for daily use to give round-the-clock IR3535 tick repellent protection. This daily routine is quick, enabling you to strengthen the bond with your dog, as prevention is always better than cure.

8. Toy         

9. Towel   

10. Master Mask 

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