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Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Rs. 145

Description :

This bottle of Pure Castor Oil is extracted by pressing the seeds of the Castor Plant. This high density oil is used for hundreds of years in folk medicine and home remedies. This oil magically cools the body if applied topically or consumed orally. This oil is also the best oil to light a lamp with after Sesame Oil and Pure Ghee. The Castor oil that is normally sold in the market is adulterated with palm oil and mineral oil. This bottle of Castor Oil is extracted purely from castor seeds without any heating which ensures all the properties of castor oil are intact.

Nutritional Facts Food/Health products

Serving Size = 1tbsp Calories = 120 Total Fat = 14g Saturated Fat 2g Polyunsaturated Fat 1.5g Monounsaturated Fat 10g Cholestral 0g Sodium 0g Total Carbohydrate 0g Protein 0g

Shelf life

6 months

Manufacturers Name :

Hallikar Foods 

Country of Origin :


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