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Mocha Sativum Bathing Bar

Rs. 300

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Description :

Coffee lovers look no further!This bathing bar is exactly what you and your soul needs to have a rich bathing experience. BodyCafe bathing bars are hand-churned by mixing dollops of raw unrefined butters, generous amounts of skin loving extra virgin Olive Oil, cold pressed Coconut Oil, Palm oil, Rice bran oil, Almond oil and Castor oil to nourish your skin and to create a luxurious texture thereby giving you a rich luxurious bathing experience. Sativa, sativus, and sativum are Latin botanical adjectives meaning cultivated often associated botanically with plants that promote good health and used to designate certain seed-grown domestic crops. What makes our Hemp Oil, Arabica Coffee and French Vanilla bathing bar lovingly known as Mocha Sativum so unique? 

  • This bathing bar loaded with natural exfoliators gently removes the dead layer and brings out a healthy looking soft and smooth surface on your skin.
  • Coffee unclogs pores, evens skin tone and tightens the skin, the French Vanilla Essential oil in this soap bar leaves a soothing and fresh fragrance while working its magic on your skin and the rich, creamy Mango, Shea, Cocoa butters pack a wallop of nourishing moisture into skin.
  • Hemp Seed Oil plays a significant role in keeping your skin soft, elastic, and prevents from sagging. It boosts collagen and delays signs of premature skin aging due to prolonged or constant exposure to UV rays. It also leaves your skin feeling fresh and radiant.
  • This signature bathing bar creates a luxurious texture thereby giving you a rich luxurious bathing experience.

Key Ingredients : 

Hemp seed oil, Unrefined Triple butter (Mango, Shea, Cocoa) & Fresh Arabica Coffee powder

Ingredients :

Unrefined Mango butter (u), Shea butter (u) & Cocoa butter (u), Cold pressed Coconut oil (CP), Almond oil, Hemp seed oil, Distilled water, Lye (Sodium Hydroxide - NaOH), Fragrance (Coffee & Vanilla EO) Additives (Fresh Arabica Coffee powder from Coorg)

Benefits :

  • Improves skin texture
  • Provides moisture and hydration
  • Pure essential oils and butters prevent dryness and flaking

Skin Type : 

All skin types

Colour : 

Brown and Beige 

Fragrance Type : 

Fresh Coffee, Vanilla

Vegan : 


How To Use : 

Lather onto wet skin and massage gently using small circular motions. Press gently with the pads of your fingers when washing your face. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact happens, rinse with water immediately. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry. Keep in a dry soap dish always.

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