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Golden Hour Bathing Bar

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Description :

We are extremely honoured and privileged to be procuring Lakadong Turmeric from Padma Shri Award Winner Trinity Saioo via Maati Community also known as the Turmeric Lady who spearheads a Women-led turmeric farming movement and has popularized the indigenous Lakadong variety of High Curcumin Turmeric. Turmeric Oil also known as Liquid Gold has many skin healing properties. BodyCafe Golden Glow Bathing Bar with this essential oil reverses damage on your skin and nourishes it from within.

The nourishment from this cleanser leaves your skin looking young and healthy. Carrot seed oil has antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties known to improve skin health and appearance. The Shea Butter & Citrus in this soap have properties that deeply hydrate your skin and helps lock in moisture for a supple, glowing and nourished skin. Perfect for those with dull, dehydrated and uneven skin tone, this handmade organic bathing bar has rich anti tan properties that provide you with improved skin elasticity.

BodyCafe bathing bars are hand-churned by mixing dollops of raw unrefined butters, generous amounts of skin loving extra virgin Olive Oil, cold pressed Coconut Oil, Palm oil, Rice bran oil, Almond oil and Castor oil to nourish your skin and to create a luxurious texture thereby giving you a rich luxurious bathing experience. Lakadong Chyrmit or Turmeric is a special variety of turmeric from a place called Lakadong, in Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya. It is known for its medicinal qualities, as the Curcumin content in it is 7 %, which is one of the highest, as against 2 to 3% in most varieties of turmeric.

Key Ingredients : 

Organic Carrot seed oil, Lakadong Turmeric powder, Shea butter(u) & Citrus EO

Ingredients : 

Unrefined Shea butter(u), Organic Carrot seed oil, Cold pressed Coconut oil (CP), Rice Bran oil, Castor oil, Carrot juice, Distilled water, Lye (Sodium Hydroxide - NaOH), Fragrance (Orange & Lemon EO), Additives (Lakadong Turmeric powder)

Benefits :

  • Improves skin texture
  • Provides moisture and hydration
  • Pure essential oils and butters prevent dryness and flaking

Gender : 

Men & Women

Skin Type :

Sensitive, Normal, Pigmented

Color : 


Fragrance Type : 


Vegan : 


How To Use : 

Lather onto wet skin and massage gently using small circular motions. Press gently with the pads of your fingers when washing your face. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact happens, rinse with water immediately. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry. Keep in a dry soap dish always.

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