Conscious Food

Black Pepper Powder

Rs. 136

Description :

Our organic Black Pepper Powder is specially iron pounded into a fine powder, which is fresh and free from additives. The iron pounding process helps retain both the aromatic flavour and nutrients found in black pepper.

Ingredients :

100% Black pepper

Shelf Life :

9 months

Health Benefits :

  • Contains vitamins C and K and minerals like iron and manganese
  • Helps to aid digestion
  • Contains properties which may help to prevent cancer, especially when combined with turmeric

Uses :

  • Used as a delicious aromatic seasoning
  • Can be used to cook a wide array of dishes
  • Can be added to herbal teas to help alleviate cold and flu symptoms


Manufacture Name :

Conscious Foods PVT LTD 

Country of Origin :


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