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Better Spiced Almonds

Rs. 590

Description :

Thick Californian Almonds roasted & flavoured using a proprietary mix of traditional Indian spices. Rich in proteins, antioxidants, calcium, zinc & fiber. Almonds are often called the 'perfect' nut. They are a natural energy booster and mood lifters. All the premium almonds go through a rigorous hand sorting & cleaning process. Only the best ones that meet rigorous quality standards go into your snack. Roasted & spiced after receiving the order to ensure they are super fresh when the reach you. Sourced from the best farms in California.

Ingredients :


Special Quality :

Healthy, Vegan, Gluten Free

Storage Instructions :

Store in a cool dry place

Shelf Life :

3 months

Nutritional Information :

S.No. Parameters Value (Per 100 gm.)
1 Protein 16
2 Trans Fat 0
3 Fat 35
4 Carbohydrate 43
5 Cholesterol 0
6 Calorific Value 551
7 Natural Sugar 2
8 Added Sugar 0 

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