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Bamboo Toothbrush - Natura - Pack of 4

Rs. 299

Product Description:

The Four Pack is great value and made to share. It contains all four of our elegant bamboo toothbrushes.


  • Compostable Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Contains Four Coloured Bamboo Toothbrushes
  • Biodegradable bamboo handle
  • Crafted from sustainably harvested bamboo
  • Naturally antibacterial and water-resistant
  • Non-toxic Soft bristles
  • Eco-friendly packaging, 100% compostable
  • Colors may vary
  • Order now and make a difference.

Store in a cool, hygienic, and dry place.

Remember, dental associations worldwide recommend that you replace your toothbrush every 3 months.

About the product

The toothbrush is made from sustainably grown bamboo which is biodegradable and provides an eco-friendly alternative to plastic toothbrushes. The bamboo is heat-treated to produce a hardened, water-resistant finish that naturally anti-bacterial. Please ensure you store it in a clean, hygienic, and dry place especially if you are living in a humid place ensure you dry the toothbrush completely.

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