Wooden Interlocking Disc

Rs. 179

Description :

  • Montessori Interlocking Disc for Pincer grasping - The first toys of a baby matters more than we could imagine. Given the rapid changes their body go through and the exponential brain development, ensuring the right toy in their little hands becomes our soul responsibility. Interlocking discis a complete grasping aid that ensures to meet all sensitivities and needs of a child. The discs are attached to each other at an angle of 90 degrees. Made out of Neem wood they are a perfect first growth aid. 
  • Offered to a baby between 3 to 5 months - This period is when a baby's grasping reflexes develop and involuntary grasping becomes voluntary. Once you notice your little one has started grasping objects voluntarily these discs can be offered. This becomes a perfect stimuli for the grasping movement. This toy is ideally offered after the grasping beads. 
  • Myriad growth possibilities - Interlocking discs are a wonderful grasping toy. They are shaped rightly for the little hands to grasp and explore. It gives the child the age appropriate visual and tactile experiences. Pincer grasp, which is essential to hold a writing instrument or button shirts, develops as the child innocently plays away with this toy. When this toy is offered the baby moves to grasp it. This ensures a proper hand-eye coordination. Slowly the baby learns to explore by transferring the discs from one hand to another ensuring a complete wrist movement. It also doubles as a teether. Made from Neem wood this becomes a best teether for your champion. 
  • Possibilities of Play - Offer it to the child by holding it a little away. Don't frustrate the child by holding it too far or make it easy by holding it too close. Let the child explore when they are on their back, side and tummy. During Tummy time a little wobble from the disc encourages our baby to enthusiastically follow and grasp ensuring Gross Motor development. Ensure the discs are intact before offering it to the baby. 
  • Parental guidance is required at all times.

Material :

Neem Wood

Age :

3 to 5 Months

Specifications :

Length (cm)

Width (cm)

Height (cm)

Weight (grams)





Clean and Care Instruction :

  • Clean with a damp Cloth Clean the toy regularly with a damp cloth.
  • Avoid washing with water Refrain from soaking wooden toys in water as they may swell or deform.
  • Keep away from humidity To avoid mould, please store wooden toys in a dry place free of humidity. If the toy is exposed to humidity, air it out in a dry place.
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight Do not expose wooden parts to direct sun light as cracks may occur.
  • Do not apply chemicals Do not use ethanol, bleach or other harsh chemical products when cleaning as it may lead to colour fading.

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