Horizontal slider rings

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Description :

  • An Ideal Tummy time toy - A Montessori-inspired ring post for your little munchkin who can now roll over on the tummy, observe and play. Little ones love to slide
  • the rings back and forth, thereby helping in the development of their hand-eye coordination.  Use this simple toy to help your young ones work on their motors kills as they move the ring from post to post. We have kept the colours minimal and contrasting (black & white) as babies need different colour stimulation from their toys than older ones. 
  • Skills acquired with this simple sliding rings - Simply moving the rings from one post to another your baby can be aided with hand-eye coordination, cognitive development and fine motor skills. This light weight toy is ideal for your infant who is on his or her tummy and is capable of exploring.  An infant's colour vision is not as sensitive as an adult's, therefore the rings are painted black and white (non-toxic child friendly colours) to visually simulate them. 
  • Language and Mathematics - This simple sliding rings can help you introduce counting to the little one. The number of language exploration with this toy is plenty. You can simple introduce colours to your baby with these. Just by explaining how to move and place the rings, your little one's vocabulary is enriched multiple folds. They begin to understand preposition. 
  • Learning Cause-effect and problem solving - For your little one to understand how the ring works is the first task. It shows them that their actions will have a definite outcome hence showing them what is cause and effect. To understand that the rings move only a certain way and in order to do what is desired they need to explore and arrive at a method to do the same. This is laying the foundations to their problem solving abilities. 

Material :

Rubber Wood

Age :

6 + Months

Specifications :

Dimensions - 7 x 7.8 x 15 cm

Weight - 200 grams

Clean and Care Instruction :

  • Clean with a damp Cloth Clean the toy regularly with a damp cloth.
  • Avoid washing with water Refrain from soaking wooden toys in water as they may swell or deform.
  • Keep away from humidity To avoid mould, please store wooden toys in a dry place free of humidity. If the toy is exposed to humidity, air it out in a dry place.
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight Do not expose wooden parts to direct sun light as cracks may occur.
  • Do not apply chemicals Do not use ethanol, bleach or other harsh chemical products when cleaning as it may lead to colour fading.

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