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Almond Butter - All Natural (Unsweetened)

Rs. 300

Description :This delicious and nutritious protein packed almond spread / butter (with 25% protein), is made from only 1 ingredient - 100% premium almonds, and nothing else ! It is packed with macro-nutrients (high protein, dietary fiber and healthy fats) and micro-nutrients (Vit B2, Vit E, calcium, iron, manganese, copper). Since it is high in dietary fibre, low in net carbs, and unsweetened, it is also diabetes friendly. Best enjoyed on toast, in a smoothie or mixed in with a bowl of oatmeal / muesli. Made without any hydrogenated fats, artificial preservatives and chemicals, this healthy almond butter is 100% Natural ! It has zero cholesterol and is dairy free, soy free, peanut free, gluten free and is suitable for vegans.

Ingredients :

Almonds (100%)

Product Features :

High Protein | 100% Natural I Zero Chemicals I No Artificial Preservatives | No Refined Sugar I 100% Plant Based I Vegan | No Added Oil | Peanut Free | Dairy Free | Gluten Free | Lactose-Free | Soy Free | Trans Fat Free | No Hydrogenated Fats | No Palm Oil

Nutritional Info :

Per 100 g (Approx. Value)

Energy: 659 Kcal
Protein: 25 g
Total Carbohydrates: 15 g
- Dietary Fibre: 10 g
- Natural Sugars : 3 g
- Added Sugar : 0 g
Total Fat: 56 grams
- Saturated Fat: 4 g
- Transfat: 0 g
- Cholesterol: 0 g

Micro-nutrients present :
Vit B2, Vit E, calcium, iron, manganese, copper

Health Benefits :

• Goodness of 100% Almonds (nothing else)
• Rich in Vit B2, Vit E, calcium, iron, manganese, copper
• High protein (25% Protein) - Helps in Muscle Growth, Repair and Growth of Cells/Tissues
• High Diatary Fibre - Keeps you fuller for longer, Imporves Gut Health, Helps control Blood Sugar
• Rich in Calcium (Ca) - Bone Development and Strength
• Rich in Iron (Fe) - Formation of Red Blood Cells, Prevents Anemia, Strengthens the Immune System
• Rich in Vitamin E (Vit E) - Strong Nervous System, Strengthens the Immune System, Skin Health
• Rich in Vitamin B2 (Vit B2) - Helps in Metabolism, Energy Production
• Suitable for Diabetics
• Ideal for gym goers

How to use :

Almond Butter All Natural is perfect to be used as a spread on toast, it can be added to your oatmeal or cereal or even enrich your fruit intake such as bananas or apples. It's a brilliant choice to get your kids their daily dose of almonds, for fitness enthusiasts as pre-workout or postwork out snack or in smoothies, for keto diet, high protein diet, people with dairy allergy and for foodies. A must-have ingredient for vegans and bakers ! Best enjoyed on toast, in a smoothie or mixed in with a bowl of oatmeal / muesli.

Precautions :

Refrigerate it after the jar is opened and recommended to consume within 60 days.

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