Our world is rapidly changing. Global warming, climate change, rising ocean acidity, lack of drinkable water and breathable air, have now become everyday headlines. Pollution levels are a record high and from lifestyle to supply chains, everything needs a relook. And the year 2020, proved in a small space of time, how much of this is due to direct human intervention.

Just a small break in regular human activity saw a nearly miraculous recovery by our planet. Pollution levels started declining. Marine ecosystems saw rapid revival. The entire animal kingdom wondered what happened. It seemed as if our Mother Earth took her first breadth in decades. The impact of our choices, the current lifestyle and supply chains is undeniable.

This is not to say that all products are bad. Innovation and science have led to our civilisation as we know it today. And now, innovators, manufacturers and product scientists are actively involved in making products that are wholesome and environment friendly without compromising on the ease of use.

We, at The Elementary Store, are committed to making a difference. We realise that by making sustainable and organic options accessible and viable to the general consumer, we can do our bit. We are focused at bringing sustainable and healthy lifestyle choices to the doors of our customers. And, we are committed to doing it in a manner that impacts our environments in the least possible way.

Everything we need and want is provided by Mother Nature in its best form. It need only be accessed.


Thriving Planet, Thriving Humanity, Thriving Economy


We offer products carefully curated on the basis of their score on our sustainability index. We take into consideration all factors starting from how the raw materials are produced, sourced and processed into the final product to how the final product is used and discarded.

We offer organic products that take the best Mother Nature has to offer. The products that bring out the best in you. The products that support a sustainable supply chain.

Progress with Every Purchase


We believe that every purchase choice contributes and matters. Each and every purchase has the power to dictate what will get made and how it will get made. Consumer household purchases are responsible for nearly 40% of the environmental damage. As unplanned purchasing of goods wreaks havoc on our environment, environmentally responsible purchasing becomes vital.

We promote Indian products and truly believe that procuring local produce leads to more sustainable and healthier supply chain. We list only those products that either have as little environment impact as possible or have a lesser impact than the ones in current use. By ensuring that you buy only those products that are sustainable, we make sure that the purchases you make here contribute in a positive way. We aim to bring these purchase options to every door.

Every time you buy from The Elementary Store, you add power to this voice. Your purchase matters. Make your purchase matter.

Pro-active Packaging


The current packaging is heavily reliant on plastic and one of the greatest contributors to plastic pollution, which is reaching its limit. With plastic forming islands in the middle of the ocean, choking wildlife and littering every street, the time to act is now.

We are proactively working at alternate packaging. From biodegradable options to recycling and up-cycling, our packaging team is hard at work. We also consider options where we deliver to your doorstep and directly transfer into your containers. We are committed to breaking the dependence of packaging on plastic.


Did you know that almost every nutrient and chemical that the human body needs can be found and derived from plants and vegetation?

Check out our range of healthy variants for common everyday needs here.



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